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  • Wi-Fi OU and PO OU are completely different - you imply that only idiots use Wi-Fi; whereas both have many skilled players. However, most of the skilled Wi-Fi players are Japanese, as they're much brighter than people like you. Anyone can sweep with a Scizor or Excadrill (like you do), but many Japanese players can sweep the same team with something like Flareon. Using the most over-powered Pokémon and spamming the same Earthquake, Draco Meteor, etc. is not "skill" - it's effective, but it involves literally no "skill".
    I'd offer to battle so I could beat you, but you're also apparently too poor for a DS/game cart, since you have to rely on a battle sim. Sorry to hear that.
    You can certainly spam BP in Trick Room, since you apparently don't know how Trick Room affects priority.
    A guy had 3 posts and joined just to post there.

    Also, did you have fun with your Bullet-Punch spamming?
    So all you have to do is copy/paste someone else's opinion and you get a badge?

    Nobody gives a shit about LC, sorry. There's been, what, 1,200 battles in a month? People shouldn't be able to get badges for such an abandoned metagame - it's on-par with RBY UU, rofl.
    Lying isn't good, either.

    Also, you're saying I'm a "horrible user" because I "look down onto other people", when that's exactly what you, Cosmicexplorer, Ballabrown, Solace., Windsong, Eo Ut Mortus, Firesong (or whatever his name is), etc. are doing right now. Hypocrite.
    There's no reason to flame me; from an unbiased standpoint, I do not differ from other posters. You're "looking down on" me right now, aren't you? Since that is true, how can you believe that you're a better user, if that's what you say I'm "bad" for doing?
    Haunter has been on this site for what, four years? You think it's possible for someone to become Super Moderator in a bit over a month? If not, then don't compare the two of us.

    Also, yes, because you do need to think before you post - look at my VM on Kepperino's profile. That explains why; because you believe I insult people before they interact with me - it is truly the opposite.
    So by that logic, you're calling Haunter an "idiot" as well? Please think before you post.
    It's helpful - and no, the questions couldn't be answered by Google; most were precise questions.

    Also, you should stop trolling. It's unhealthy.
    I have ~270 posts in DT's SQ/SA thread - those have all been helpful answers (unless someone ninja'd me before I could post), whether you like it or not.
    I've helped many more people than you have - also, the people that dislike me have flamed me first. I reply to people's insults; I don't insult them unless they insult me.
    You are of a biased party; therefore that is merely your (false) opinion. Maybe 15 people in total dislike me - last time I checked, that's not "everyone".
    honestly, i haven't been able to play PO, since my internet's been down, and i'm not really feeling this tournament, so you can go ahead to the second round boi
    sorry bro, waited on you, but now i have things to do

    might have some time monday what with all the easter stuff going on
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