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  • May I battle your UU team in a UU match? My trainer name is SUBZERO and my friend code is 3483-1360-5054.
    And I do thank you for that, as it does make me feel good about myself that there are people who like the manners what I use, also as you're a very skillful player yourself, it's fun to battle with you, even though sometimes my team just doesn't cut it, and the game ends up in a loss, but as it's a game it shouldn't matter too much, as long we both had good time.

    That's what the Pokémon is all about, even though it might be competitive, we all play the game for the fun-factor and due of the fact that we can get tight matches so we can reflect back to those moments when we made the right choice to do the double-switch to win the game, or see what in our team was wrong and fix that for the next game so you could deliver even better matches for people to experience with you.
    Well, I'll honest here. I don't think I'm really all that respectful, although I do like to repsect others, and what they do, but even then. I do have my flaws, as for example sometimes the Wi-Fi DCs me, and I do want to blame myself from that, due of the fact that it was not my opponent's fault, but mine, as the connection wasn't as stable and I should've tested it more, I'd figure.

    Respecting others, and their opinions is quite important, as when you do something to others, you might expect them to do the same with you, respect you back, listen to you, for example. But I find it difficult to accept glorification, when I don't think I really do deserve it, but that's just me.

    Sometimes, also I do laugh and "rub the salt" to the wounds with other people, when the pleasure of getting lucky fills me, and I just feel like doing that, and that's why I want to understand others in that front as well.

    And with the hax, you can't really help it, part of the game it is, and it's there for a reason, to make us feel good from time to time, when we strike that critical hit, what we needed. Although it might be upsetting from time to time, I simply enjoy a good game, whether it's a win or loss, but even then, I want to respect the opponent so that I would give them a tight match, to pleasure them, and make them feel good about it. That's why we all play here, right? To have fun with Pokémon, challenge ourselves and have those tight matches, and that's why I want to give my all to the opponent, as a form of respecting them.

    For those, who readed all that, I thank you, as it was indeed a long post, but it's what I think, perhaps you agree, or you don't, it might not matter with me, but your opinion is the most important to you, or so I want to think.

    I wish you people a fine day.
    Tony, I'm really sorry for annoying you, I just tried to make it a happy chat. I can act much more mature next time. I hope we can battle again next time we meet. :/
    I don't do NU unfortunately :/....but yes I do UU battles, ill pm you when im ready. What does VM mean btw??I saw your post on that Battle Finder is down' thread lol
    yeah:( the second team i was gonna use was a sun team but it was easier to sub a few members on my original for clear skies
    yeah i made some bad calls in the 1st battle. sunny day ninetales threw me off a bit but i had the type advantage and yeah magnezone is pretty good
    Opps sorry just cross my mind VM is visitor messages. I'm tired o(>_<)o and I thought you just didn't like responding to PM's -_-"
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