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  • Yea that was the best battle I've had. I couldn't believe it. I didn't even need the stealth rocks. I did get lucky with the confusion. 3 turns and it never hurt itself. would've been better if pinsir was my lead. then it would've been a 6-0 sweep.
    I just swept a guys entire team with pinsir in a random battle. Its ability was moxie and it knew EQ, Stone Edge, Substitute, and X-Scissor. If you want to watch it then here's the link:

    I got lucky his entire team was weak to my attacks. And I never hurt myself in confusion after the DynamicPunch. But still kinda epic.
    The king of the hill is basically a battle thing where one person is the "king" and then people can challenge that person and if they beat him then they become the king. And so on. And if there is no king then any 2 people can battle and whoever wins becomes king.
    Its a battle thing in BA's group B.A.B.A. It might also be getting gym leaders like B.A.L.D had. Once enough people join the group that is.
    k. i just joined that site too. i used the same username. I don't like the whole 5 posts thing. I cant even post messages on anyones profile yet.
    Well I did get my post count up to 5 just now.
    lol that was the worst luck i've had with a team in random battles. that battle was not fun at all. my team kept getting one hit also. so couldn't do anything.
    its one of the 5th gen unevolved fossils. rock/flying type. i had 4 grass types, a fire type and something else. i was no match for that thing. i didn't even have any moves that was supereffective against.
    wow i just got destroyed in a random battle on showdown by an archen. i had 4 pokemon that was weak to flying type.
    Yea but its not like you HAVE to follow the tiers and all the stupid rules they make. The good thing is it looks like its a little more like Melee. It doesn't seem as floaty as Brawl was. There is no random tripping like in Brawl. It also looks like they might trying to balance the characters a bit. Bowser has been changed. He stands upright now and his attacks might be different. They have given Pit a new moveset.
    Although Megaman looks a bit overpowered. So does the Animal Crossing Villager since he can grab any projectile and throw it back at you. Even Samus' fully charged beam.
    Well technically Pokemon Black White and Black White 2 are DS games but yea I see your point. I've been enjoying my 3DS with Mario Kart a few Mario games. I should check out the Fire Emblem series then I could get that for it too. I'll probably also get SSB4 on both 3DS and WiiU.
    Now the WiiU needs more games. But there are a few coming out this year I plan on getting for it.
    Even the WiiU's Virtual Console sucks right now. Only 2 games I got for VC on it: Super Mario World for a discount and Super Metroid for the 30 cents deal they've been doing. I am looking forward to GBA games coming to WiiU I never had a GBA so there are some games I'll be downloading when they start releasing GBA games
    Yea thats true. But from what I've seen so far X and Y does look great. Sky battles for just flying types and pokemon with levitate. And has swarm encounters which is 5 wild pokemon at once. And the Pokemon that have been revealed so far I like more than most of the 5th gen ones. I already have a 3ds anyway.
    There is a new Zelda for 3ds coming out. Its a sequel to Link to the Past. So that would be worth playing.
    My 3DS is Zelda themed. It was a limited bundle set that came with OoT. I do kinda wish I got 3ds sooner though so I could have gotten the Ambassader Games. They gave away 10 free downloaded gameboy and GBA games to the people who bought it in the first week or so before the 150$ price cut.
    yea no wonder i cant win on wifi. i was always too lazy to grind and train my team properly.
    By the way I might be transferring all my pokemon up to 5th gen games soon. So if I do we'll only be able to battle on Showdown. I just want to finally move on from 4th gen. When 6th gen comes out I'll be getting one or both and I'll move to 6th gen too.
    Are you planning on eventually getting 5th gen or even 6th gen?
    lol yea i have seen the result of that. cant beat your team on wifi at all. i think the most i've killed on wifi was 3 of your team? i like showdown now since i can actually win lol.
    i've been really enjoying the random battle option on showdown. it gives both sides a random team. can have any pokemon on the team. the stronger pokemon are in the 70 levels the weaker ones are 80+ levels. the weakest pokemon are level 99. so it is part luck based too.
    today i faced a guy who got a level 99 magikarp to lead off the battle lol.
    yep. there are more people than you think that do that. besides you can do other stuff while resetting. i was mainly resetting while watching tv or when i wasn't at home. or while i was playing through another pokemon game. besides it didn't actually take too long. and besides i think shinys are better if you find them legit without using action replays. i also had found shiny charmander by using the masuda method.
    charmander took about 547 Masuda Method eggs to find. that was a very quick hunt. found it after only about a day of hatching.
    i did that one back in april. might do another masuda method shiny hunt. maybe squirtle. or something.
    As far as I know right now most of the remaining active members are keeping in touch using the new group conversation feature. Beyond that there are talks about creating an IRC or Showdown server for the group. I'll invite you to the main conversation
    the robot
    the robot
    For some reason the invite isn't working, I'll just keep you updated until we decide where we will go from here
    just let me know whenever you want to battle. i'll be making another showdown team soon. it'll probably be the team i always used on wifi but maybe with a few changes.

    i still might finish my psychic gym team anyway. even though i no longer need to finish it since it seems B.A.L.D won't be back.
    i found 2 shinys while the site was down: shiny blitzle after about 2,000 random encounters on my black and a shiny totodile in heartgold after 3,592 soft resets. in hg/ss you can see shinyness BEFORE you choose a starter. so you can check all 3 at once.
    i don't know yet what shiny i should hunt for next.
    lol i dont like my new username. But whatever
    yea seems like none of the groups are returning. This is what chaos posted in one of the threads in the forums: "the social groups wont be coming back. what usually happened was the creator of a group would forget about it, and then the spambots would spam em up, and nobody would remove the spam. fuck that" his exact words.
    Before the smogon got hacked I posted on B.A.L.D if there sould be an eilte four for B.A.L.D and only our best leaders would host it.
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