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  • Most people don't realize there is a point scaling system in tf2 for destroying teleports. Destroying 1 gets you 1 point, destroying 2 gets you 2 more, but destroying every single one and making an engineer rage quit makes you extreme kredit to team and instantly awards you 1000 points and bans the other team from the server

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    Oh, BlackLight, sorry for not replying you. It's something personal, and will actually happen on March 28 now. It has nothing to do with Smogon, but if you want to know what is, you can see my conversation with the user Axelia.
    Actually, Victini was just an example (although the example applies to Trick Room Victini). I'm actually using Eviolite Swadloon because I can O.o
    Thanks, mate - I don't know what happened to my awesome thread, which makes me really sad ;_;
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