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  • Replace Ingrain for SR. Is it possible to get a copy of one with all four bred still on it as well?

    How does Corsola learns Curse, Amnesia, Barrier, and Ingrain at the same time anyway?
    That's great. I owe you for this which is obvious since it's a breeding project and all.

    Pokemon: Corsola
    Nature: Either Careful, Impish, or Relaxed
    Ability: Doesn't Matter
    Gender: Male
    IVs: 31/25+/31/25+/31/xx
    Egg Move: Curse
    TM Move: Stealth Rock
    I'm ready now, 4th Gen first again?
    EDIT: Ahhh, just missed you again. Would it be too much to ask if I could have 4 clones of the Slowpoke + one Slowbro? If it's not too much trouble for you.
    Alright, I'm done now. Hey, since you're trading me fodder anyways, can I get an EV trained copy and a UT copy? With Lefties over Toxic Orb if you have an extra. Let me know when you can trade.
    It's no problem at all, I'm in no rush on them anyway. Just give me a heads up when you're done with the Sudowoodo. Thanks again for the trade :)
    Alright. I also noticed the Sneasel doesn't know Low Kick, do you happen to have one available that does have the move trained?
    Thanks for the trade. I still owe you one credit on that breeding project right?

    Also, when do you think you'll be able to do the Sudowoodo breeding project?
    I managed to teach the smeargle Wish, so whenever you are ready let me know and we can make the trade :)
    I know forsure you can teach Smeargle moves that way, I've done so myself before. I'll see if I can teach him wish untill you're here ;)
    You can't teach Smeargle moves in battles against other players I believe, but it does work when you start a dual battle in tall grass.
    I'll see if I can teach him, I'm pretty sure it works when you use wish in a dual battle and have smeargle copy from your other pokemon
    Okay I'm done half of them, but could you tell me a bit about evolving them? I evolved the NidoranM to a Nidoking since you attached a moonstone. I'm assuming you want the same for NidoranF?
    I have a Flawless Shiny Timid Smeargle if you're still looking for one. It doesn't have Wish yet, but I think Sketch can teach him that?
    Sadly not. I really need the Bisharp for my vgc team so is there a chance I can still have it?
    It's a jolly flawless lvl1 smeargle for your ev bisharp. Thanks! Coming on wifi
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