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  • Hey, didn't see you on showdown, but I g2g now, is there another time you'll be able to battle?
    Hey im your opponent for the tourni, when are you availiable? I'll be online tomorrow at around 3 estern, and should be on saturday throughout the day
    There's a slight problem. 6pm-9pmEST is Midnight to 3am here and chances are I'll be asleep. It's probably better for me personally if we battle 6-7am your time. (GMT here). As for my availability It's a no-go from Thurs - Sunday unless we do the aforementioned midnight battle. I'm not sure about tomorrow might not be a problem but work might be calling me in and whatnot.
    Hey Trogdor, we're paired up in the Showdown RandBats! Tournament, When's usually best to get ahold of you four our series of battles?
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