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  • Hey you loser you should know darmantain is UU and if use unreleased dw you should also put in ur signature so its there 2 so yeah u just fail
    Don't think it would have Killed. If it didn't then you could've ice beam. Then banded aqua jet ftw.
    Cool. That should be a start. You could write up something, leave some reserved space for other metagames, get feedback from users, then edit it later. Alternatively, you could simply write a full UU guide, since Borat's OU guide is already in place. Later on an Ubers guide could be organized, and you could just reference all three guides in the same place.
    Well I mean I have logic, but I don't have knowledge. I'd have to explore the metagame well enough so that I could provide accurate information. As you can see in the thread, we're only in the midst of theorycrafting. I'd wait a bit after some thorough activity from a group of people (myself included) before writing up anything on Ubers.

    Am I to assume that you know a bit about UU?
    Well, my prowess is in OU in the midst of battle. My actually knowledge of the metagame would be pretty flimsy, but I can always contribute my take on a couple of things. I've literally got no real knowledge of UU or Ubers and can only imply some things based on logic.

    As far as what a quick start guide would be, it just gives the general basics of each metagame, such as a threat list/analyses, basic team building, and what to think about while playing. Something to get newer players primed until they gain experience and more knowledge to do well.
    Well, I think the current tier list is solid as is, with perhaps the only things that MIGHT need changing being Alakazam -> BL and Vaporeon -> OU, but those alone are irrelevant changes. The analyses are on point as well, though could probably use some updating on a few.

    As far as "reintroduction" goes, I think your best bet would be attempting a "quick start" guide for all three metagames (Borat has an in-depth guide in place for OU), but that requires exploring Ubers and UU. From there it's a matter of getting some hype going (tournaments? leagues?).
    Depends on what you're trying to accomplish, how resourceful I'd be in that regard, and what kind of time I have for it.
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