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  • Hello, I am the Commander of the SSIS (Smogon secret Intelligence Service). I am here to offer an alliance between Team Aqua and the SSIS. Do you accept?
    Yeah, since the group was apparently a branch of Team Rocket, I felt obligated to join. Thanks for the welcome :)
    Name: Tyraniquen
    Tier you play most: VGC (unofficial cross-school competitions)
    Highest ranking in said tier: top 4
    Reason for joining TR: world domination, mostly through power, and power is obtained through knowing how to maneuver your actions through situations.
    Anything thing else of note: am an extremely steadfast breeder and EV trainer, always makes sure pokemon I breed have the perfect IV's in the 2 desired areas, sometimes stretching into hours of breeding, no cheats, simulator "simulation" equations performed in my head before I select a moveset to utilize
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