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  • Ok, I will be online in 1 hour. I will be online ~whole~ today. Just come when you are awake or so...
    okay, we can battle at anytime, and Genesect is banned. Is tomorrow ok for you? VM/PM me via forums when you are online on Pokemon Showdown and sent challenge so I will notice that you are online! :) or use Mibbit and join to #shinx channel.
    Edit: Lol My nick name is NMx13 and I will be online tomorrow when I wake up :P
    Hey, you are against me in OST9. My time zone is +2 GMT, and I'm usually online from 14:00 to night. (Almost any time is ok during weekends).
    EDIT:we have to wait for Genesect vote. sorry if I did cause misunderstanding.
    Yodawg. Pokespain is still down since yesterday. Do you know why? And for how long?

    Also, if you know how I can contact with Pako and Joker (for Rockhp, he can connect himself only on week-end), I'll take this too. ^^

    dawg, when you want to play for world cup? if you have access to irc msg me back bro.
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