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  • Pokebank, was able to transfer most of my pokemon from my previous games, even most of my 'legal hacks'
    hey do you know if there is going to be anyway to get legit hacks before december 27th when we can transfer? I know we cant send over old ones but will we be able to pokegen or pokesav before then or will they not be updated for gen 6 in time? I was just thinking that wifi might kinda blow when your garchomp gets outspeed by a salamence because your IVs suck
    nice, i just finished breeding a scyther and charmander with good IVs, 31 attack and speed on scyther and 31 special attack and speed on charmander. im gonna do starmie later today
    Nice, but I think super training works the EVs of pokemon. you can reset and work on certain ones individually
    evs not Ivs
    hey how have you been? gen 6 is just around the corner and i figured i would check in and see how everyone is doing and maybe start some early team building anyway hopefully talk to you soon
    Hey, I'm opening up a Pokemon Clan over at Serebii. I know you're great at helping run things, and I need someone to help lead my efforts in getting it open.

    Are you able to help out with it?
    Well guess I'll just have to do my best and hope I win. Never really know what could happen in any battle. Since luck can be a deciding factor with battles too. Getting criticals or whatever else when you need them can change the outcome of a battle.
    Yea I'll have to try your gym again sometime. But first I think I wanna try to beat the dark gym. And maybe some other gyms before trying your again.
    Well I won the fire gym badge on the 2nd battle. First battle I lost 1-0 so it was a very close match. Just need 1 more badge to go now.

    I've also replaced Dragonite with Choice Scarf Moxie ability Salamence. It should be much better than Dragonite.
    Oh thanks. I probably could use help building a team. Right now I only really know how to build sweeper based teams. You know teams that just hit them hard and fast.
    Yea thanks.

    Yea he did tell me that it took you 2 times to beat him. And that he has 2 fire teams for his gym. Hopefully I can beat atleast 1 of his teams.

    Right now I only have 1 team the team I used to challenge you with. And the Psychic gym team which I'm still working on. (Need one more pokemon for it).
    I do plan to make more teams. Just don't really feel like it at the moment. I might do a rain or sun team or something.
    Ah I see. Well I guess for now I should just move on to other gym leaders. I'll be fighting the new fire leader tomorrow. Hopefully I can win that. Then just gotta beat 1 more leader. So I might not even need a rematch with your gym. I really just only wanna become a leader myself.
    Oh you do? Are the other versions of your team just as tough? If it is then I may not stand a chance till I get better.
    I am fairly new to competitive battling so I still have stuffs to learn.

    Well for now I guess I'll try to beat other gym leaders.
    Yea. I'll hopefully either have a different team or a better strategy by then. Or both. So I can beat you and win that badge.

    I'm working on a Psychic team since I want to be the Psychic leader. Need 2 more badges though.
    Oh so that wouldn't have worked either. Ah well. I did pretty good atleast. Got you down to your last pokemon.
    I did change some of my teams movesets a bit just for that battle. Made sure I had enough Ice type counters.
    Well good game anyway.
    Good game. I lost though. I may have won if I gave Dragonite a Focus Sash and used Dragon Dance and then Outrage. Might've then been faster and strong enough to kill Kyurem-b
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