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  • Bwahaha that's amusing! I even went and logged in to Serebii to post my... thoughts. Well anyway, that guy won't be so self-confident when he loses *way* before 1000... let alone 500.
    Indeed, it's by 'Dot McSodden' - who is really Patrick Alexander, a contributor to the good old Total Gamer magazine... I have quite a few issues, and I swear that was the funniest magazine ever. And speaking of Hyper, I'm subscribed to that... my name appeared in one issue twice in Best Games of All Time comments.
    Just out of curiosity, did you used to say "Battle Fagtory" before I joined? I'm wondering if I've had any influence... also, nice that there are several Australians owning the Frontier.
    Hey, dude. It's me Bossk. I just joined (obviously) and considering leaving IGRMT
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