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  • Thank you!^^
    I'll be on for a few more hours, hopefully you'll log on again by then! :D
    It doesn't have to be sooner since I have school work to do. But can you try getting them done for me on Friday or Saturday?
    well.... Umm... They don't exactly have pokemon characters on the pictures. The two pictures that I want you to make into banners have different characters on them. I just need you to make them into banners just this once. If you can make them into banners even though they are not pokemon-related, I'll double your reward. You can pick 2 or 3 pokemon for each non pokemon related banner that you make for me. If that works for you. Deal?
    Holy GEEZ we have different time zones! I'm in US Central time, which (if this converter was right) means it's 8:03 AM here and 10:03 PM where you are. I go in to work at 6AM (8PM your time) and get back around 4PM (6AM your time). I think on like Saturday would probably work best. What do you think?
    I really suck at this huh?
    Sorry for the late reply, I had some issues that made it so i couldn't play pokemon):
    Well I'm back now and wondering if we can finish our trade?
    That's fine, work is more important than this ^_^

    The castle isn't needed, it's just a suggestion, so if it gets to complicated, that's fine! Take your time :]
    Unfortunately i need an HP Grass Entei, but i can use the shaymin. Since they're fully redis pokes, does two credits apiece sound okay?
    Just got back from my retreat, extremely exhausted xD Can we battle... later tomorrow? Perhaps towards the evening?
    Hey I have a window to play right now, if you want to get this out of the way now that would be super...
    SkarmBliss server?
    upperdecker, r3 of live tornament champs is up, nad your my opponent, when can you play?
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