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  • well, endgame is like, i guess the final move, and i was going to make a full on set-up team, with various pokes, like moxiemence, etc. i figured it could be a joint team idea, and we can post two different rmts on serebii and/or smogon.
    dude, help me make a devastating team of set-up sweepers. im basing it off rise against's album "endgame." basically, a hyper offensive team.
    Oh, hey Usa. As you've probably guessed, I'm not on here much, so sorry for the late reply!
    i know, haha. trick room + sun. i think victini was in there....

    anyway, a good scarfer would be great for you, to get the times when you arent in tr, or arent in sun. salamence also gets keldeo, especially non-scarved versions, and keldeo can wreck you. ill check the thread again, just in case, lol.
    i will rate it later, haha. i saw it already, but i think a good clean-up scarfer, like moxiemence, would benefit the team greatly. possibly over victini, as victini just adds some weakness to SpD t-tar.
    i light the ent on fire and roll it into the freeway.

    and for good measure, i high five the forest. in the face. with the recorded tape of the "oral report". as well as the burning remains of the ent.
    well, the forest can suck my dick and then give a 10 minute oral report on how it tasted
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