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  • Because I had a battle with another player. Didn't notice it was you who accepted my chellenge. Wouldn't be fair to ignore him
    I have been at competitive battling for about 6 months now so Kingdra is one of those nasty situations I learned how to deal with early on, one of the most common ways to counter an Outrage is by switching into a Steel Poke, all of which can absorb the damage from that pretty well. Also due to its typing Kingdra is only weak to Dragon so that makes it that much more fearsome. Heatran with Dragon Pulse is one way to pull this off, although you have to worry about Waterfall when the Outrage stops, Choice Band Scizor with Technician ability and Bullet Punch is another great way to stop a rampaging Kingdra, the power and priority of that setup are just too much for Kingdra to handle in most situations.
    Generally when people ask for an OU match people are allowed to use NU and UU. But whatever
    Yeah Kingdra with a Dragon Dance under its belt should not be taken lightly, I learned that lesson the hard way myself.
    GG, thanks for the match, I thought it was great how your Poke got frozen and then thawed on the next turn, lol.
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