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  • hello V-pichu i happen to found an eevee that has your shiny value and i was wonder if you would want any eggs or not? if so please contact me on here or gmail
    and btw i found your shiny value information on Trainer Shiny Values- Google Docs
    Hi, I need an egg hatched. SV 2514

    FC 1607-2862-8729
    if we need to arrange a time to trade, emailing me will be the fastest way possible
    Please and thank you
    Hi can you help me hatch an egg please, and the code I need is the 2045 code please, and thank you

    FC 3625 8861 2672 IGN Jerz213
    hey! uhm you see... i got an egg that matches your SV so i was wondering if you could help me hatch it? ;v; my fc is 3050 7831 0254
    ... So,sorry abt the late reply...'whichever SV r u referring to? Thx~
    Could you help hatch a shiny eevee? I'm new to breeding but I could tip for your time in eevee/pichu 4-5IV, just let me know what you are looking for. Zekaonar/David FC:4957-3531-3704 TSV:2993
    Sorry again for neglecting my profile page... I didn't know abt tat. Tell me which SV u need:)
    Can you help me hatch my shiny Charmender? my fc: 5086-1400-8897
    So sorry I didn't realise tat ppl will post on this page... Tell me which SV u need:)
    Can you help me hatch my shiny Honedge? My fc is 3325-2393-0512!
    Ahh sorry I didn't realise ppl will post here. Willing to do it when u r free. N tell me which SV u want:D
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