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  • Hi, we're paired for the homefield tournament week 6. I'm the home player so I choose bw ou to play. I'm in gmt -3, and I can play p much anytime between 9am - 7pm, but i'll go away on wednesday and come back 10 days later. So it would be great if we could play before the 30th.
    Hi. I'm Brap from England (GMT). We have to battle for w3 of Home stadia advantage. Which tier do you choose?

    N.B. I can only battle on showdown which only supports 5th gen tiers atm.
    Hey Villari I'm your opponent for Farm League Week 3. Lemme know when you're up for playing.
    Hey, we have to play for Home Field Advantage. When are you free ?
    Hey, we have to play for second round of Farm League. When can you play? I'm gmt +1
    I can battle anytime for the next 11 hours, if you'd like.
    Pokemon Online / Groudon's Grotto server.
    Can you?

    edit: grotto is down

    i can battle on PO (pokemon online server) easily
    but, if there is anywehre else you'd like to battle
    i can go there
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