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  • Sorry man for some reason I thought I responded to your VM already, I should generally be on IRC every night 7-8 PM or later besides Fridays and Saturdays sometimes so if we don't just run into each other it shouldn't be hard to find me. is the easiest to just pick up and use, scroll to the bottom and click chat now, on the next screen select SynIRC, your name and #pokemon, and you'll be taken in. If all goes well you'll see me there.
    Hello, I'm available to take over to tutor you, first things first do you go on irc? This will be important because we need real time talk and that's the most common way Smogoners do it.
    no worries, sorry about how this round has to abruptly end for you, but i'll make sure you can get a tutor next round. you should attend the battling 101 seminar today, though, so that you can experience what some of the b101 program is like!!
    What are your usual sign on time. I want to make sure before we set a day, but its looking like monday is my next best day.
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