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  • hi we play for the nu open, im EST but my availability caries a lot, so let me know when you can play
    Ey, tenemos que jugar para grand slam UU, soy gmt-6, puedo jugar mañana o el jueves alrededor de las 11am de aquí, o en la noche
    Hi ! I know it's not 5pm yet but I saw you online and I'm ready. So if you want, we could play earlier.

    If you need to finish some stuff before, it works too, I'm here for a few hours.
    Hi ! We are paired for the UU Open R4. I'm GMT +2.

    I'm available everyday from 11am to 11pm my time (except meal times). So just pick a date and a hour (except Wednesday) and I'll come. You can find me everyday on IRC (channel #Benelux) and on the server French Time on PO1.
    White Mad, si puedes jugar ahora muchisimo mejor, me viene de perlas, solo di po1 o po2, server y nick
    hmm, I can play around this time or a few hours earlier if you want tomorrow, so hopefully we can get this done
    Prefiero el viernes, pero intetaré estar el sábado, sobre eso de las 6, a las 5 tuyas.
    White mad, me ha surgido un imprevisto y no voy a poder jugar durante todo el finde. sorry
    La duda mia es, a las 6 tuya o mia xD, porque si eres canario es a las 7 o a las 8 por aqui xD. de todas formas me conectare sobre las 6 de aqui y estare un buen rato, asique nos vemos ;)
    Hey I might be able to battle on Tuesday night, but I might be getting my Wisdom Teeth taken out, so if I'm not feeling well, then I won't be online. So if I'm not on, you can have the win.
    Nah, your English is fine. For Monday I can battle 3-5 PM, and on Tuesday, I prefer to battle 3-5, and later that night after 10 PM.
    Hey we're battling for the UU open. I'm GMT -4. I can battle next Monday and Tuesday, 6 days from now. and I'd rather play on PS!
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