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  • Thank you for joining the SSIS. We ask that you fill out both the Recruit Application along with the Oath in order to receive a role in the Agency. Also, try your best to be active and to share feedback and suggestions with us.

    Cmdr. A. Moniz (SSIS)
    Lol. Btw, I couldn't help noticing your convo. with BS (BattleStar, not to be confused with you know what). To answer your question, Silent is a user. He was actually a pretty cool guy, although he did have a temper. This led to conflict between him and BS, and eventually Silent left Smogon.

    BS is saying that he thinks you are a puppet account for Silent.
    Alright, np. Just tell him that Pippy wanted to thank him for giving you a recommendation. :)
    Well, I'm Pippy. Nice to meet you. I've been on Smogon for about a year now, though I only participate in the groups now. I started out in the groups in October or so. I loved them, and decided to make my own, TPR. I in visioned TPR to be a group that would focus more on having fun, not just ranks and stuff like many groups. I also wanted it to be a group that promoted peace, which it does most of the time.

    I hope that gives you a little bit of an idea about me and TPR.
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