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  • I am very sorry. My mother is sick, and furthermore I was very busy. However, you guessed right. Trading bred Dream World female Pokémon is my principal service, so unfortunately I can not do it for free. And thank you for coming.
    it wont let me trade with you, lemme try and be waiting to trade and you apply to me.
    yea I don't see you, are you sure you are in Wifi and not the wireless room(downstairs is wifi, upstairs is wireless). maybe your code changed for some reason, I double checked mine and it is correct.
    hmm I don't see you, odd. I'll try re-adding you and re-entering the room.
    Ok my FC is 0088 8061 3635, sorry I forgot I don't have it in my about me. And now is good as long as you're available.
    Ok so here are the ones I have:

    Gentle: 1/5/31/2/31/24
    Gentle: 0/31/31/14/31/31
    Bold: 31/15/31/15/23/30
    Jolly: 31/25/31/28/18/4
    Sassy: 29/14/31/2/9/30
    Adamant: 31/12/31/2/25/23
    Naive: 20/31/27/24/18/30
    Serious: 31/29/8/25/25/31
    Rash: 31/29/6/17/6/30
    Jolly: 31/31/31/2/7/6
    Naughty: 28/31/31/12/31/4
    Docile: 31/29/21/2/15/28
    Naive: 31/17/22/2/5/30

    That's it your choice on which one you want.
    still need a chimchar? I have a few I can list there IV's and you can choose which you'd like.
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