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  • I see you were inactive for 13 min so I do another battle. I will see when you are active again and I can trade then.
    yes I can still trade. The pokes are ready for trading, now we just have to be online at the same time :P.
    Oh well I did your order at like 4 o'clock in the morning , so I was bound to made a slight mistake here and there. Though I know Everything else should be right. xD
    Just a sec. I'm hatching an egg atm, but I'll copy your FC and meet you in the room in 5 minutes.
    All slowbro/kings are flawless, honchrow is female and flawless. Exeggcute is oke. I didn't RNGd him, so bad IVs etc.
    Well, I thought they were all female, but I deleted female slowpoke for some reason. I have got male slowbro/king with modest (both), quiet (Both), bold (slowbro) and calm (slowking) nature though (all male, EVd and stuff), so you could get all of those in stead of one female if that is oke with you. Otherwise, you could scrape the Tangela.

    I will probably be online around the same time tomorrow. I hope to see you then.

    I already RNGd murkrow, so that is a honchcrow. Honchcrow is jolly with brave bird and roost as eggmoves and this one is female.
    Yeah sure, I guess I could do that while I look for a seed. I'll go NN Sableye and meet you in the room. What's your FC?
    Well I'm going to bed since it's 3 am here. Next time I'm online I'll give you the Sableye with the NN you tell me to give it. Also remember that it isn't Redis.
    Well you could get it from me, because I haven't really been able to give him the Pokemon. I have it, so what name do you want?
    wifi's back. VM me if you're available to trade. I'll be waiting on 5th gen first.
    sorry but my wifi just got stupid >_<. Wouldn't you perhaps be able to use .pkm files? since I converted the 3 pokes already expecting this kind of situation.... =/
    lol ok. we can trade now if you want, just gotta find my DS charger since the battery ran out last night xD
    sorry got caught in another trade. I'll get the pokes ready in about 15 more minutes. >_<
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