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    Non-official SV BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

    Poison Heal: Do not ban
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    Suspect BH Suspect #1: Poison Heal

    probably voting no ban
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    Occasionally. At the moment I'm rather preoccupied by Splatoon though.

    Occasionally. At the moment I'm rather preoccupied by Splatoon though.
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    As a note for anyone running Galvanize, anything with it really appreciates Electric Terrain support if you can manage to find the space for it, for reasons that should be obvious.
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    It's really not broken, but not because Magic Bounce Mimikyu stops it. It's not broken because of how many ways it's vulnerable; you've got Magic Bouncers who stop Whirlwind/Roar, you have Pranksters to do things like Taunt or whatever, you've got Triage, you've got -ate fakespeed which is still...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    As of twenty minutes ago I'm free from uni stuff for a week or two, will give this a try. Also if anyone else wants to throw some 'Cool, but really dumb' theorymon sets out I'll give those a try too.
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Actually, Technician is still pretty viable as a build. Technician Storm Throw MM2X is nasty, and also makes it much more difficult for things to set up- notably, it crushes Normal Arceus where Spectral Thief wouldn't, and is generally a good option. You're outdamaging unboosted Close Combat and...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Dragon Tail isn't completely accurate and misses out on Fairies, while Circle Throw misses out on Ghosts. Running two moves on the same set also means that they have a 50% chance to not hit something they could possibly beat anyway. I should also not for completeness's sake that Magic Bounce...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans Thread

    Personally, though I feel a flat ban on CFZs would be consistent, banning some of them while imposing a limit would be about as good as it will get. It's basically what makes the spam teams even viable, because it allows you to sacrifice running additional Psychic Surge or Dazzling in favour of...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Lures are a staple of any metagame; BH is, as ever, just taking it well beyond everything else. Again, the issue here is the Z-move spam. E4 Flint can we please get an answer on this because I haven't seen a single person even remotely suggesting that they should stay, only more and more...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    The top three are all bad, but you already know this so I'll skip to the strategy- or I would, had you not requested Pyukumuku and Wishiwashi-school. Strategy for Pyukumuku; Use Wishiwashi instead because it does literally everything better. Castform you need to be taking advantage of Forecast...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Right. The same Rayquaza that has a fair chance of OHKOing you with Precipice Blades, will OHKO you with Draco Meteor or any other Dragon STAB, and in fact should not be switched into at all until you've confirmed it isn't Specs because Boomburst 2HKOes you at all times? Oh, and to add insult...
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    BH Balanced Hackmons

    Honestly, the Leppa/Harvest set isn't really the scary one. It's the ones that run Psychic Surge or Dazzling/QM that are the scary ones- Psychic Terrain Genesis Supernova KOs basically everything that isn't a seriously bulky resist or max spdef Complete Zygarde/ Eviolite Chansey (or dark types...
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    Balanced Hackmons Suspects and Bans

    I've never actually seen a Normalize Gengar run Judgment, even though it would make a great deal of sense for them to do so. But yeah, it's far from banworthy. Maybe there should be a 'We know about this, you're not some god who uncovered new tech nobody else has ever considered, and it's...