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  • yeah, that sounds like about where I am. Any idea what you want to do for your gap year, or have you not thought about it yet?
    Looking at the list...a lot has changed...and you know me...lopunny ftw. I'm gonna fail hard. Trying to make a team atm.
    I'll probably take a gap year after graduation. After all, I haven't applied to med school yet, so I pretty much have to! And I have to retake the MCAT soon or else I'm :toast: ! How about you-- gap year, or straight to med school?

    Glad you're back!! I'm not really on here *that* much, but I do pop in sporadically to see what's happening in the Pokemon universe. People on here are quite fun in my experience, as well, but I've never really been that active at all ever, so I guess I don't really have as much of a basis to say that as you do anyway, but oh well. So far, pretty much everyone here seems nice...
    thank you!! And everything is much better than it was when I made that post, although my life is still far from perfect. It looks like I'll be returning to Hopkins in the spring though, which I'm excited about, and then I'll finally graduate :)
    How have you been? :toast:
    my sides are weak

    <Scarfwynaut> hey do you guys have a number that like always appears in random places in your life?
    <@MoP> no (BAN ME PLEASE)
    Thank you! I honestly wasn't expecting to get that involved, but oh well :x

    I attended Catholic School all throughout elementary school/junior high, and we had regular religion classes every year. We obviously focused on Christianity and the Bible, but delved into Judaism/Islam/Hinduism/Buddhism at times, too. There was an obvious bias towards other religions tough v_v I'm also pretty interested in religion myself, and I'll read books on them every so often, although I typically prefer eastern religions to western ones.
    [00:20] <&ZAPDOS> earthworm
    [00:20] <&ZAPDOS> what is your thought
    [00:20] <&ZAPDOS> on this statement
    [00:20] <&ZAPDOS> [00:14] <&Noelle> the less you sleep the more you live =)
    [00:21] <&Earthworm> i Disagree

    u have failed
    Haha, yeah I didn't quit ^_^. I mostly play BW RU nowadays though, since that's the BW metagame that most resembles DPP UU imo, and I even managed to make a successful Butterfree team there, so yeah :p. Thanks for the VM though; I thought that no one who played back in DPP UU remembered me heh!
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