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  • if you'd like to be tutored, you'll have to wait for the next round to be posted.
    Hello Wild Trainer, and welcome to Smogon!

    My name is DarkSlay, and I'm one of the many contributors to the Create-A-Pokemon project. We've noticed that you have interest in helping out our projects - which is great news! We welcome all input from the members of the community. As you may have guessed, your original post is in the wrong thread, but don't worry. We understand that you were lost, so we're here to point you in the right direction!
    If you have any questions about CAP, such as what the project does or how to get involved, you should read this first. It has all of the rules and the basics of the CAP process. After that, if you have questions, post here with basic questions about CAP. After that, just follow some of the threads being posted the next couple of days: CAP4 is currently in session, so public support is always welcome! Since you're new to Smogon, I recommend just looking at the current project first, and wait until you've become a bit more familiar with the system to contribute. Don't worry, I was in a similar place myself some time ago!

    Thanks for the interest, and we hope to see you contribute soon!

    - DarkSlay
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