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  • [21:03] <~badass> would you have gay sex with wilson46 on the first date
    [21:04] <@Folgorio> dude
    [21:04] <@uragg> who wouldn't have gay sex with wilson on the first date
    [21:04] <@uragg> only heitors deny the throbbing power of wilson
    [21:05] <@Folgorio> ofc i would
    [21:02] <~badass> would you suck his cock if you payed him $10
    [21:02] <@Folgorio> probably
    [21:01] <~badass> folgorio
    [21:01] <~badass> would you take it up the ass
    [21:01] <~badass> from wilson
    [21:01] <@Folgorio> maybe
    folgorio has a gay crush on you

    [20:58] -avarice.az.us.synirc.net:@#underused- Folgorio invited wilson46 into the channel.
    [20:58] <+PKGaming> Skuntank is new. He holding up?
    [20:59] <@uragg> lol
    [20:59] <@Folgorio> i wonder if hell come
    [20:59] <@Anachronism> lol
    [20:59] <@Anachronism> wilson is a celebrity now
    [20:59] <@Folgorio> celebrity
    [20:59] <@Folgorio> is an understatement
    [20:59] <~badass> a god?
    [20:59] <@uragg> sex god is more appropriate
    [20:59] <@Folgorio> hes too good for us
    [21:00] <@Folgorio> he would be embarrassed
    [21:00] <@Folgorio> to be in our presence
    [21:00] <@Folgorio> good thing he didnt come
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