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    Without correct foundations and sound advice you will most likely chase the latest financial fad and buy stuff not worth buying or selling something good out of panic. There is also the matter of knowing the difference between speculators and investors, technical and fundamental analysis...
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    Social Why did you join Smogon?

    Father brought me a Pokemon Blue from the US, was very good at catching the legendary trio and enjoyed the hell out of it, but I was limited to battling one or two people or my cousin and felt let down so I stopped playing after Gen 2...flash foward to GFaqs where I still kept tabs on pokemon...
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    Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    Junkrat has 2 charges of his Concussion at blizzard's internal testing which means a triple jump if you lay one down first and wait for the cool down. This is YUGE, no idea about what the damage will be otherwise killing Pharah's might be something your team will yell at you from now on. Ult...
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    Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    Yeah D.VA is a pain for Junkrat players, Zarya you can play around with by stopping and re positioning until her bubble is off but D.Va can turn the DF almost consistently. And then there's the Pharah switch the moment you murder your team and no one does anything about it. Good thing there are...
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    Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    I hope they buff Junkrat soon, I already have 60% winrates with him I can use more power.
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    What do you spend the most spare time doing outside of gaming/forums?

    My upcoming wedding is making me panic and spend most of my days binging overwatch and whining at the reddit/forums. When that is done I'm usually just finishing touches at my home and trying to sell some of my figure collection and read/mining about virtual currencies, fun stuff I tell you...
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    WCoP 2017 - General Talk Thread

    Team Asia right now: Guess the BW2 Kingdra will have to wait till next year, hope my favorite teams win, go Italy/Brasil!
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    2016/17 Soccer/Football Thread

    You can blame it on the assistant refree for falling for it and acting like he witnessed live murder, was no reason to spoil an otherwise fine evening but hey, diving is it's own competition in La Liga. Supercup it is ;)
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    2016/17 Soccer/Football Thread

    4-1, wasn't even competition there. Poor Buffon, he didn't deserve this performance from his team, Real absolutely dominant, well done Zidane/Ronaldo!
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    Overwatch - Brigitte used FLAIL!

    The thing is it's more likely you'll find a good Pharah and Mercy than finding a great 76 with a supportive team or one of those rare shiny Widowmakers who actually kill stuff. Everything works on paper until you actually play solo...then again it's prolly my fault cause this game many times...