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  • sup dude! im interested in your friend parc so i added you to my friend code list
    if you dont mind adding me, here are my info: 2337-3959-5068; IGN: Meghan; Pkmns: Onix Boldore Rhydon
    "Last Activity: Feb 29th, 2012 11:52:21 PM"

    "Last Activity: Feb 29th, 2012 11:52:21 PM"

    Hey xElite, a long time ago you traded me a Mimic Glitch Wish Chansey, and I was wondering of you have any left? If you have a calm one, could you please cmt and see if there's anything you want for it?
    Hello, I heard of a program you made that helps people manipulate their SIDs in Emerald. Whenever you return, could you tell me where I could find that program? I would very much appreciate it. Thanks for your consideration.
    16:39 lolpo: xelite,i personally dont like overgrown
    16:40 lolpo: since i dont use sniper's at all
    16:40 lolpo: but im starting to love the first one
    16:40 lolpo also i hate dom there :x becuase is so unbalanced place.

    but i was enjoying the game that you pm me,actually i like more cod4 than mw2 since is puer nuke,nubtoobs,one man army toobs commando pro. but im felleing in love with some maps favela,higthrise
    I'm going to assume that the no response means that I sent my second team in too late. I totally understand man, and thanks so much for the first 6 Pokemon anyways.
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