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  • the chatbar on FC has never worked for me so I don't use it. Plus I'm never on FC anymore.
    oh uh yeah, sorry I've just been sick lately

    when would you like to trade? All I have to do is finish up Thundurus
    k, got a rebattle code and I'll redo it asap
    hope you don't mind if it's shiny, I have a really easy shiny frame I can use for it.
    IVs will be 31/0/31/31/31/31 so you don't have to worry about foul play
    Well, I could use a rebattle code and capture another one. But you listed IVs for 30 Atk / 30 SpAtk / 30 Spe so I wondered if you wanted HP Fire or not.

    I see. It was strange seeing both you and Nahim banned around the same time. I'm glad you're getting unbanned.
    Er, well, if you're going to regionals there aren't any this month. Also I wanted to ask if you needed Latios with those certain IV's because I already RNG'd mine 31/19/30/30/31/30 HP Fire 70.

    Also why were you banned on FC?
    Sorry, I've been wasting all this time trying to RNG something in Entralink and it's kinda hard but I want to finish it before starting on yours since it was requested first. I'll be able to get the pokemon and EV them, I'll try to do items to but no promises I'll have everything.
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