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  • it'd be cool if you could reply..

    I have to finish an essay for tomorrow so i can't be here tonight, and tomorrow night i will go fitnessing. Saturday/Sunday seems like our only option here
    I'll be on on most evenings this week from 7-9PM my time, VM me when you see me on.
    i can't play tomorrow evening, perhaps i can play tonight but i still have to build (i'll do that right now)
    heya xxOUTRAGExx, we're opponents for the doubles tournament. I'm gmt -7 and am mainly free on the weekends and tuesday/thursday evenings. If youre down to play this weekend that would be great, but if not thats fine too. Drop me a VM with the time you can play! You cna also find me on irc if you use that, I'm Raseri on #pokemon, #neverused and many other channels :)
    my school workload is pretty light next week. I'll usually be on the computer till 10pm my time, which would be 5pm your time.
    yo, sup, we're facing each other in the random pokemon tournament. Since i just saw which mons i should use, i haven't built a team yet. I'll tell you when i have. I'm GMT +1, you?
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