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  • sorry about earlier I was doing something else then I saw your pm... if you want to talk, just come on #ratemyteam or pm me when I'm on showdown :]
    Sup, we need to finish this team!!! Just hop on irc whenever you can. I'll try to get a skype if that helps you
    Sorry, I have no Skype. If you have issues with irc, we can also meet each other on PS! and Pokemon Online. Tell me what you prefer.
    Yo, I'm your tutor n_n. If you want to know if I'm online and talk to me, I'm going to be on #ratemyteam on synIRC. If I'm not there, I'm simply not online. Can you tell me when are your disponibilities? I'd like to know when I can meet you.
    Hello! You have been invited to the team rocket corporation! This is a social group that specializes in improving our competitive battling, making friends, and having fun. You can be a scientist, a battler, a spy, and even an assassin! I garuntee that you will enjoy taking part in this group. When you join, talk to battlestar to inform him of your arrival. I hope to see you at the team rocket corporation!

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