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  1. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 47 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    That would be amazing! Want anything in return? Sure thing! I'll send you a message in a little while! Every time I come to Smogon I am stunned by this community's kindness.
  2. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 47 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    I'm looking for a Sassy shiny Onix / Steelix with 31/31/31/x/31/0 IVs. I have a few flawless things to offer and I can breed, I just don't have the capacity to breed my own shiny pokes :/ Anyone able to help? I'm also looking for a Timid or Modest HP Ice Magnezone / ton / mite. Again I can...
  3. Pokémon Dragonite (Revamp)

    252+ Atk Choice Band Dragonite Iron Head vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Mega Altaria: 272-320 (93.1 - 109.5%) 252+ Atk Choice Band Dragonite Iron Tail vs. 4 HP / 0 Def Mega Altaria: 340-400 (116.4 - 136.9%) 252+ Atk Dragonite Iron Head vs. 252 HP / 252 Def Unaware Clefable: 190-224 (48.2 - 56.8%) 252+ Atk...
  4. Pokémon Tyranitar

    You seem actually angry. Calm down, this is a video game for children. Adamant lets TTar OHKO 64 HP Mega Altaria with Stone Edge / Ice Punch without rocks. It gets it a OHKO on max HP Azumarill with Stone Edge without SR. Crunch can now guarantee a OHKO on Bold Celebi with rocks, and usually...
  5. Pokémon Tyranitar

    Idk, kinda sounds like Adamant is viable. Tornadus is really the only thing that matters at +1 which Bisharp is the major speed point at +0.
  6. Pokémon Tyranitar

    Is there any merit to running Adamant on DD Mega TTar? You speed tie with Starmie and Raikou at + 1, though neither can hurt you much. Adamant can't outrun pre-Mega Alakazam and Tornadus that Jolly can't but I think that's pretty much it. You also miss out on beating things at +0 like Bisharp...
  7. Pokémon Azumarill (Revamp)

    While this is true if you need to counter Serperior / Char Y you're probably better off using another Pokemon entirely.
  8. Simple Questions/Requests - Mark 46 (Minor Pokemon Trades, Item Requests etc GO HERE) (NO HACKING)

    Does anyone have an HP Fire Magnemite / ton / zone? Or even an HP Fire Ditto. I have very, very little to offer but I will give away anything I have! I mostly just have a few 5IV EV trained things, perfect Dittos, and... err... I guess that's it? :(
  9. Pokémon Diggersby (Revamp)

    I'm honestly not sure if we're arguing anything lol but in the end the way multiplication works it is a 10% bonus regardless of all other factors. In the end do you want 10% more speed or 10% more attack? Both have speed benchmarks and KOs gained / lost. Either one is viable.
  10. Pokémon Diggersby (Revamp)

    Regardless of +0 without Huge Power or +2 with Huge Power the boost is the same, 10%. Actual stat differences don't matter compared to the total damage output. For example... 252 Atk Diggersby Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0 Def Manaphy: 97-115 (28.4 - 33.7%) 252+ Atk Diggersby Earthquake vs. 0 HP / 0...
  11. Pokémon Diggersby (Revamp)

    Wait what? I don't think having recoil on a coverage move is a huge deal on something with as much bulk as Starmie. Being able to break Skarmory easier, OHKO Gengar, and break through Gyarados / Suicune / Slowbro in one move is pretty useful. It's a coverage move so it isn't going to be spamming...
  12. Resource OU Checks Compendium (Read Post #72)

    This is awesome Gibbs. Must have taken a ton of work. :)
  13. Resource ORAS Good Cores (Check Post #714)

    No it doesn't. You're a Sharpedo. If you're spamming Poison Fang fishing for a Toxic Poison you're using it wrong. Poison Jab has limited uses but it does hit harder. While the Poison chance isn't really relevant most of the time normal poison does outdamage toxic poison over two turns.
  14. Resource ORAS Good Cores (Check Post #714)

    Poison Jab hits harder than Poison Fang even after the Strong Jaw boost.
  15. Other Team Archive by CTC (ORAS Update) Read Post #517

    and yet this remains open, collecting endless crappy posts.