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    Done /tour rules improvements

    Done now. has been updated with the new rules and how to use them:
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    Done Show correct date/time with /regdate and /regtime

    This is a bug in /regdate and /regtime, though. We shouldn't be showing the time at all if it's not available.
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    Done No Switch Rule

    What's the difference between No Switch Agreement and Auto-Trap? We did recently implement "No Switching" (although we might rename it to "No Switch Clause") which uses the trapping approach, because I thought that was the same thing as No Switch Agreement.
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    RBY OU - Patching 1/256 + Recoveries Misses

    If "what the devs intended" is a good justification, let's make Ghost-types counter Psychic-types. That's significantly clearer dev intent (the official strategy guide as well as the anime itself advises you to use Haunter to beat Sabrina), as opposed to the miss chance which is only attested by...
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    Done /tour rules improvements

    To be clear "Forced Level" and "Forced Max Level" are different rules. Nintendo's had some formats where you downlevel to 50 (but below-level-50 pokemon stay below 50), and some where all levels get changed to 50. We already use "obtain" in a few other rules like "Obtainable" so I think it's...
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    Done /tour rules improvements

    I suppose "Min Source Gen" might be clearer as "Min Gen Obtained"?
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    Done /tour rules improvements

    So now the main thing left to do is choose names for the rules: - Chosen Team Size or Picked Team Size? - Forced Max Level (for downleveling)? Forced Level (for downleveling and upleveling)? The other ones are straightforward enough, but if you have opinions on these, here's the planned list...
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    Done /tour rules improvements

    I finally got around to implementing this (because it was needed for something totally unrelated and comparatively minor). You'll be able to use rules like Max Level = 5 and Chosen Team Size = 4 soon.
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    Approved Show Tradeback Moves in the Tradebacks OU Builder

    Unfortunately difficult to fix.
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    Invalid/Duplicate #UBER UU
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    Approved fix the 0 ivs for attack stat

    I've been working on this for a while now.
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    Pending Shiny Jirachi

    I'm confused by this. Since when do we ignore IV spread restrictions?
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    Done Rename [Gen 1] OU (Tradeback) to [Gen 1] Tradebacks OU

    Looks like Joim called it "OU (Tradeback)" in 2014, and none of us updated the name since then: I agree "Tradebacks OU" is a better format and I don't think anyone disapproves of the name, so sure, this...
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    Done Rename [Gen 1] OU (Tradeback) to [Gen 1] Tradebacks OU

    I'm a big fan of this rename. Kris any objections?
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    Pending Option to ignore opponent selectively

    You can already ignore individual people, and you can also ignore all opponents in a battle. You want to ignore only one person, and only in one battle? That seems really niche.