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    Pending New Elimination type

    We already support triple elimination and n-elimination. It's the number after the cap (set it to 3 for triple elim).
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    In Progress Show G-Max Pokemon's signature moves in their !dt descriptions

    I don't really think it matters whether or not the definition of "bug" applies here. The important part is that we're fixing it. :P
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    On: In-Battle Forme Display (Namely Urshifu)

    I don't have a problem with moving to "show the base forme name" vs "don't show it". But I it's orthogonal to our current problem: it's easier to see the difference between "Urshifu" and "Urshifu-Rapid-Strike", than between "Urshifu-Single-Strike" and "Urshifu-Rapid-Strike". I also don't have a...
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    On: In-Battle Forme Display (Namely Urshifu)

    Anyway, regarding the main issue: I don't know, I think "rapid strike stands on one leg, single strike on two" is pretty recognizable. Much easier to see than Genesect drives by far, to me. Personally I'd probably prefer just adding a blue or black glow to the hands or something like that. I...
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    On: In-Battle Forme Display (Namely Urshifu)

    PSdex seems to be doing this correctly.
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    Rejected Battle Outcome Predictor

    In theory it's always possible to estimate win chances, and AI systems can probably help with that. But there's no way to guarantee accuracy, so I wouldn't want PS to endorse it by making it official built-in functionality, so I agree with HoeenHero in rejecting this. I think if someone wants...
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    Rejected /monthban

    I'm rejecting this, simply on the basis that there's no real reason to distinguish it from a blacklist. Now, a weekban I could see some value in, if anyone wants to argue for that. But for future reference, any request for new punishment levels should give specific examples of user behavior...
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    Have a ruleset available that matches cartridge rules (or change "Gen 8 OU", "Gen 8 UU", etc to match cartridge)

    Ideally we should have a page detailing what people should do if they have format suggestions. We get them often enough that it would be nice to have a place to redirect people to.
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    Pending Add every item (for Challenge Cup's 1v1)

    TRs are here because some move (apparently Fling) uses them. I don't think there's much interest in adding any completely-useless item, though. I'm not opposed, I guess. I would have to see what other people think. Random formats can filter them out, I suppose.
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    In Progress Make a /showset command for battle rooms

    In theory, players are already allowed to use `!code`. So this is just about making it faster/easier/verifiable? I think I'm okay with that.
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    Pending Lifetime Score vs. A Player

    I think we already have very similar history suggestions, and I have similar opinions about all of them: They're good ideas but would require database updates.
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    Done Options for automatically doing /ionext, /timer on, ignoring spectators etc.

    Someone locked this, probably because Drew_ 's comment should be posted as a separate suggestion. In general I think all this follow-up stuff should be posted in a new suggestion. I'm just posting to clarify that the lock doesn't mean "stop talking about this".
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    In Progress Option to search Pokemon from Specific Regions

    I am in fact in the middle of working on this.
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    Approved Add aliases for /learn to match up with /ds for past gen searches

    You're right, though, that the programming part is easy. Getting people to agree on what `/learn5` should do is in fact the hard part. :p