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  • Please correct your Charizard's SC/WC. It is much bigger than Charmeleon was, so you should change it.
    Jsyk if my battle with Gold is not reffed in 12 hours I will be firing you.

    Also please don't come on IRC until your computer gets fixed.
    Hey i'm your opponent for the tutee tourney. what timezone are you and when are you available to play? I'm free from monday-friday starting at 2:30-5:00. I'm on earlier on wednesday at like 1:00. I might be on in the mornings on saturday and sunday. i'm eastern time.
    Hey, looks like I'm your tutor for this round of the Apprentice Program! If you'd like, come look for me in #battling101 or the LC chatroom sometime tomorrow, I'll be around for most of the day. If that doesn't work for you, just let me know sometime that does :]
    Come back sometime so we can finish that team and talk more about lc!
    Regarding your battle vs Geodude, +2 to WHAT, and since you clearly ignored my post about Gastly, I'll give you until midnight to fix him up >.>
    The numbers have to be CONSECUTIVE- so for example, on this roulette, you can do something like 6 12 7 2 or 11 22 20 9, but not 4, 24, 2, 3.
    Can you do me a favor and edit your final numbers into your first post and delete all the rest so the thread is a bit more manageable?
    Except the post with your actions, that can and probably should stay and you can edit in changes, despite their probably not being any
    Does Emolga having Static affect your actions in any way in your subway? (also sorry for forgetting)
    i dont think it would affect the actions
    I'll join up with you for Shrine of Ruin if you'd like. I'll be bringing Mega Charizard X, maybe you could bring Wartortle so we have some type diversity? But Calm is not an optimal nature for Wartortle/Blastoise; Quiet is generally the better option. Maybe save up and change Wartortle's nature? (it costs 7 CC to change natures)
    On your match against Gem, she merely rushed because she assumes you would send out Squirtle.

    That is generally not acceptable, but if you were going to use Squirtle, just order anyway in order to save time. Point it out in the thread if you are going for Deino instead and tell her to re-order.
    About your challenge to the Mysterious Cove:
    1st, you do not have to say the data about status, difficulty, and that, just the name will suffice.
    2nd, you need to post pokemon profiles.
    3rd, with no items and only LC pokemon, your run won't go that well, against up to 2 FE pokemon at one time.
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