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  • You're welcome :)
    The Glameow and Azurril have flawless Ivs, and the Psyduck has HP Electric 70.
    These three pokes are fully redistributable, so if you ever start a thread, you can trade them.
    Wait...I actually can't trade the Ditto right now D:
    I'm locked on an egg, so I can't take the parent out atm. I'll give you the other Pokes though.
    That isn't legit lol.
    If it was possible to get a Celebi like that, somebody on Smogon would have it.
    Also, I'm going on Wifi with the Ditto and 3 other Pokes for you :)
    My FC is 3781 5147 7112

    I can trade in a little. Oh, and whenever a shop is offering EV training services, make sure you take them up on it. This will help you to get known, plus get some new Pokes. Refer them to me if they want a reference.
    Yep, I'll give you a clone of the Ditto...It's very helpful lol. And do you know why SCV058 is banned on PC too?
    ShiningNova is on the blacklist here for trading hacks, and SCVo58 is banned lol. So I don't know how good their Pokemon really are ;)

    The way you can start is by soft resetting for decent Ivs..The Pokes in my shop are shiny, and I just soft reset for the Ivs. I got some pretty good trades for them..
    You have to start somewhere..So I can give you some common redistributable Pokemon to start off your shop.
    Yeah, I don't go on PC anymore...The Pokemon are all hacked, and they aren't good lol. The Pokes here are amazing..and you can be sure everything you are getting is legit.
    tis amazing :P best thing is i can clone it 4 times and have an amazing vaporeon, jolteon, espeon and glaceon :P (they are the only ones good with a modest nature)

    i g2g, its dinner time for me. then im going to the park, so i'll be back in about an hour :)
    watch the tutorial on youtube, its much more clear :)
    and if you have any trouble im sure chains would be happy to help
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