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Yeah, man. Evasion is so annoying. And it almost always works in favor of the AI too. I wonder what I should pick for the fourth move though.

Regardless, I haven't used that team in so long. I really wanna try out that Latios/Cune/Steelix team.Thinking of just whipping FRLG out and grab a shiny Steelix with HP Steel. See if I still have it in me to RNG. =P
Nelson Tangela
Nelson Tangela
Sleep Talk can be a useful move on Choice mons if you have the room, but is probably less useful with Mence as a lead and Aromatherapy Blissey on the team.

I've been using CB Metagross + DDance Mixed Mence + CurseLax.
I had Milotic in the last slot but the Electric-type weakness was bad. I might try Swampert.
CB Metagross is by far my favorite monster in the Battle Frontier so far.