Programming 100% Javascript version of MetalKid IV Calculator

I rewrote my IV Calculator to use 100% javascript/jQuery so you can run it offline. I'm still working on a few bugs, but I'd like to get everyone's opinion on it. You can consider it in beta status right now. I still need to add [Save Offline] and [Save Online] buttons. I also have a new menu system I'm trying out, so if I could get some feedback on that, too, it would be great. My goal is for this to work on tablets and possibly smart phone browsers. Though, I may have to change a few things for the mobile version later on.
Don't know whether or not the project has been abandoned. In case it hasn't, I'd like to report that when ticking "Speed" as Best Stat, either the speed IV is reported as "Impossible" or the tick is completely ignored, such as when setting the best stat as "can't be better", it still outputs a range instead of 31.

Other than that, everything seems to work perfectly.

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