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Hi! Please read the next few sentences if you want to post.

Just two nights ago I started to play UU again after a break for a couple months and I was quite pleased with myself because I remembered everything pretty much that I needed to (for instance Fire is good against Grass!). Everyone knows these things if they're on these forums, from random weak ladder players to people as strong as me.

But there are little things in a game that can make all the difference on occasion - for instance did you know only Shiny Rash Raikou are able to know Aura Sphere? If your opponent is using a non-Shiny Raikou you can safely switch in Snorlax knowing it is pretty much no threat to you. But if your opponent is using a Shiny Raikou you might assume it must have Aura Sphere - not true - and then switch to an inferior counter like Bronzong. A game could easily be decided because someone assumed their Scarf Mienshao would outspeed a Shiny Scarf Raikou because they thought it had to be Rash - only to find out that the opponent was just being particularly crafty to trick this idea onto people.

So little things matter, that much is certain. I think to help step up our games a notch or two we can make a list of the little things we need to be careful of while also, to encourage discussion and not make this a plus post count thread, give an explanation on how the detail might make a difference. No need to keep track although I might repost some particularly good ones in this post.
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