NOC 11p gen 1 closed setup (D4 End: Dec 25 at 5 PM PST)

Votecount 2.3

CaffeineBoost (3) - Celever, Duskfall98, Clarinet
bluegummybear (2) - CaffeineBoost, shubaka17
shubaka17 (2) - bluegummybear
Celever (1) - Thunder~BALLZ
Eagle4 (1) - SB.

Not Voting: Eagle4

Day ends in 34 minutes :heart:
sb i'll address you tomorrow if either of us are still alive

i think i don't scumread you but if caffbo flips maf i may scumread you a little

the points raised were valid, yeah i forgot i townleaned shub but it's like, a lean i had ages ago, come on, i prob forgot about it an hour after i posted it
i only have caffbo as a scumread in a theoretical team w/ two of shub, tballz and sb and in place of celever in that team so i'm not too comfortable w/ it but i trust duskfall/celever not being a team so at least one of the votes is towny (clarinet is also towny but i don't trust any of their reads after they sread me lol)

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