Tournament 1v1 Bo5 Tour [WON BY GLYX]

So this is a difficult match up to predict. Glyx is a known 1v1 player for a long time and she definitely has more experience in the 1v1 field. She's nigh mastered cteaming and has a large enough team bank to quickly change teams to account for whatever her opponent brings. However, she definitely is still in a predominantly Gen6 mindset and even then she's far from unbeatable.

Chloe, however, has surprised me a lot. She's done very well in this tour and seems to have grasped what the 1v1 Metagame is. Her teams have few obvious weaknesses and are very solid against every opponent. However, she doesn't have the same experience in 1v1 and may miss some things.

Overall, I have to give the edge to Glyx. Gen 7 isn't that different from Gen 6 and her experience gives her an advantage over Chloe. Either way, it'll be an interesting match and really could go one way over the other.

(If my past predictions are any indication of how good I am at this, there's a roughly 60% chance I'm right)


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