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1v1 BST Limit - Round 1 (BST Limit is 1814)

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My opponent didnt appear on the time we made up. So I gave him a chance to propose another date. He never responded. Can I maybe verse a sub instead?
Edit: Calling act on Mammaluu
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In game 2(?) of RaJ.Shoot vs Ape711, RaJ. Shoot used a team (Garchomp, Metagross, Gengar) that bypassed the BST Limit. This game goes to Ape711, and the score of the series is 2-2. Please schedule a time to finish the series.
I wasn't using a mega Gengar
Mega gross- 700 bst
Chomp- 600 bst
Gengar- 500 bst
Which equals to 1800 that is below the bst limit


"Pokemon with access to a Mega-Evolution cost 100 extra BST."
"In games 1, 2, 4, and 5 of aqh vs The Thunderbirds, the latter brought a team bypassing the BST limit. Aqh wins 3-0, and I'm going to reclarify this. If a Pokemon has access to a Mega Stone (even if it isn't holding it) it costs an additional 100 BST. "
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