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Tournament 1v1 Ghosting Tour Round 3

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lost heros

Meme Master

  • General tournament rules and regulations, which can be found here.
  • Standard SM 1v1 rules.
  • Tournament will be single elimination.
Tournament Specific Rules:

-Single Elimination, bo7
-No Disallow Spectators - for easy ghosting and scouting
- NO TIMER but please don't needlessly stall
-Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done.
-There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...
-You must post the replay of your battle and are encouraged to post logs of your ghosting in the thread of the respective round. Ghosting in call is also allowed as long as someone records it and uploads it (ideally to youtube). (You will notice that the ghosting logs are by far the best part of this tournament, so it'd be a shame for them not to be available to everyone) Failure to not post replays will result in a coinflip. Losers do not need to post logs, but it would be great if you did as they are always fun to read. I suggest creating a discord server or group chat on pokemonshowdown, and setting appearance to compact to make sifting through logs easier.

Captains should ideally contact the opposing captains and set a time to play. Full list of teams is in the spoiler

Ghost 'n Roast vs https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCcvdWzPjQ4JlnSaXWQioUug
Captain: Wrath of Alakazam vs Boat (phiwings99)

Die Bosse vs Washed ORAS players
Captain: DEG vs Whaleeeee

The 3 Idiots vs $wag on em
Captain: Jamez155 vs Captain: Haki

The 3 idiots
Captain: Jamez155
Teammates: JediR TGC United

Washed ORAS Players
Captain: Whaleeeee
Teammates: dom PenguinKnees

Ghost 'n Roast
Captain: Wrath of Alakazam
Teammates: PartChandelure Scary Midget

Die Bosse
Captain: DEG
Teammates: Inkreativ sandcastless

Captain: Boat (phiwings99)
Teammates: Yami I'm actually Cash

$wag on em
Captain: Haki
Teammates: Joker 1v1 AllFourtyOne

Deadline is September 9th 11:59 PM EDT
If you have a question pm me on discord LostHeros #1036
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we lost in 4, crit in last game was unfortunate but c'est la vie. lost g1 logs due to dumb phone but the rest are below

22:58:50] +James155: unless they wanna take chances with gyara
[22:58:52] +James155: hm
[22:59:10] ★JediR: nah i think its melo
[22:59:13] ★JediR: it has to be melo
[22:59:22] +James155: ig
[22:59:31] +James155: Fuckk
[22:59:38] +James155: they picking obv every game
[22:59:38] ★JediR: jesus why
[22:59:42] ★JediR: yeah
[22:59:49] ★JediR: we counter the obvious pick next game
[23:01:59] +James155: Fast crunch
[23:02:01] +James155: ok
[23:02:05] ★JediR: unfortnite
[23:02:18] ★JediR: right so
[23:02:21] ★JediR: that occured
[23:02:51] +James155: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen71v1-971157815
[23:03:06] ★JediR: dont timer
[23:03:11] +James155: Prima victini bulu
[23:03:14] ★JediR: ya
[23:05:38] +James155: Fini is there obv play
[23:05:46] ★JediR: ya
[23:05:52] ★JediR: go bulu
[23:06:46] +James155: hm
[23:07:00] ★JediR: ryy just solidified our play
[23:07:23] ★JediR: although
[23:07:25] ★JediR: hm
[23:07:25] +James155: Prima looks good to
[23:07:32] ★JediR: yea
[23:07:36] ★JediR: i might go prim here
[23:07:41] ★JediR: idk its either prim or bulu
[23:07:47] +James155: They have 2 obv picks
[23:07:52] +James155: which is no bueno
[23:07:53] ★JediR: ye
[23:08:12] ★JediR: i think its bulu
[23:08:40] +James155: He def doesn’t go cele
[23:08:46] ★JediR: yeah lol
[23:08:57] +James155: Alright I like bulu
[23:09:01] ★JediR: ok
[23:12:19] +James155: Why the fuck
[23:12:21] +James155: did he go
[23:12:23] +James155: celesteela
[23:12:43] ★JediR: what the yams is going on here
[23:15:49] +James155: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen71v1-971160459
[23:15:49] ★JediR: https://replay.pokemonshowdown.com/gen71v1-971160459
[23:15:52] +James155: Well
[23:15:53] ★JediR: ok
[23:15:55] ★JediR: let’s win out
[23:15:59] +James155: we need to pull a comebaxm
[23:16:05] ★JediR: ya
[23:16:18] +James155: I don’t have any new teams
[23:16:19] +James155: hm
[23:16:55] ★JediR: can steal mine/reuse
[23:16:56] ★JediR: or whwtever
[23:17:08] +James155: raikou gatr durant
[23:17:12] +James155: nah
[23:18:06] +James155: I think we can use melo gallade again
[23:18:09] +James155: if we want
[23:18:12] +James155: add speed to melo
[23:18:18] ★JediR: go for it
[23:20:23] +James155: Melo might 3-0
[23:20:32] +James155: cuz I have psyshock
[23:20:43] ★JediR: yeah i think it does lol
[23:21:54] +James155: idk what entei runs but
[23:22:10] +James155: I’ll go melo
[23:22:18] ★JediR: ye
[23:22:38] +James155: Might be some wack physical aegi
[23:22:42] +James155: but who knows
[23:22:51] ★JediR: hope not
[23:23:43] +James155: Well
[23:23:47] ★JediR: well
[23:23:48] +James155: crits are fun to work with
[23:24:18] ★JediR: 50/50
[23:24:22] ★JediR: do we cm or attack
[23:24:59] +James155: Don’t we tank after cm anyways
[23:25:07] ★JediR: yeah actually
[23:25:10] ★JediR: we always cm here
[23:25:21] ★JediR: its getting late !
[23:25:30] +James155: Idk
[23:25:38] ★JediR: we cm
[23:25:39] ★JediR: 100%
[23:25:52] +James155: This might be a roll
[23:25:56] +James155: and it scares me
[23:26:02] ★JediR: better than nothing
[23:26:07] ★JediR: theyre shielding
[23:26:22] ★JediR: FUCK
[23:26:24] +James155: Was a roll
[23:26:27] +James155: yikes
[23:26:29] ★JediR: fuuuuuuuuuuuuuck
[23:27:04] +James155: Crit
[23:27:07] +James155: and roll
[23:27:11] ★JediR: well, was a good run
[23:27:11] +James155: :)
[23:27:14] +James155: :(*
[23:27:24] +James155: was a good run
[23:27:54] ★JediR: ima go post logs to high key low key farm likes
[23:27:54] ★JediR: bye
[23:28:33] +James155: Cya
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