Tournament 1v1 Ghosting Tour [Signups]

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Welcome to the 1v1 ghosting tournament!
PLEASE read the rules very carefully (especially the bold parts.)

This tournament is like other tournaments except instead of being all strict on silly rules, we allow them. Moreso, we actively encourage you to Ghost!

Tournament-specific Rules

-No Disallow Specs - for easy ghosting and scouting
-No Battle Timeout this allows you time to discuss strategy during the battle, but if you timestall your opponent on purpose, with no evidence to the contrary, I reserve the right to disqualify your team. This rule drags the battles out by a lot, so make sure you have enough time when scheduling.
-3 members maximum are allowed per team, and 2 members minimum are allowed per team. It is advised to only form teams within the same or similar timezones to avoid scheduling issues, though not a rule.
You may sign up as a team with all three members confirming or alone as a free agent to be picked up by someone.
-Whoever posts the team roster will be the team captain. Captains will be in charge of organizing team members, providing the opposing captain with available times, and making sure the team gets the battle done in a timely manner. There is no need to "confirm" you are on a team you are signed up for, and it just clutters the thread. If you are on a team you shouldn't be on, PM me on discord LostHeros #1036

-RE: Free Agent Signups -- there will be no assigned free agent teams; a free agent signup is purely to declare to others your interest in either joining or forming a team. It would be helpful to include your timezone, general availability and discord tag in your f/a signup to assure compatible scheduling.
-Because of the ghosting element, who is actually battling for the team each round makes little difference, just make sure the battle gets done.
-There's nothing to stop you taking the advice of people not on your team, but remember that they may not always have your best interest at heart, and spies and backstabbers are everywhere...

You are highly encouraged to post logs of your battle and your ghosting in the thread of the respective round. Ghosting in call is also allowed as long as someone records it and uploads it (ideally youtube). (You will notice that the ghosting logs are by far the best part of this tournament, so it'd be a shame for them not to be available to everyone).

You shall make your team name known to me through the sign up post, otherwise I will pick one for you.

Please ghost in English!

Unless you are really struggling to get everyone together, a minimum of two people per team must battle. Ghosting tour needs actual ghosting.
Series will be a Gen7 1v1 Best of 7. Anyone on a team may complete the battle.

So other than all that above...
  • General tournament rules and regulations, which can be found here.
  • All replays must be posted
  • Standard USM 1v1 rules.
  • Tournament will be single elimination.
Signups will close at 11:59 PM EDT on Monday August 19th!

"Special" Scizors
Captain: pqs
Teammates: Lux92

Ghost Coast
Captain: Synonimous
Teammates: Waylaid Squirtell 1v1

Gnag Gnagchomps
Captain: WilliamTheo13
Teammates: Chevy Chase Ape711

TC Gang Ganc
Captain: M24
Teammates: Smajet tlouk

The 3 idiots
Captain: Jamez155
Teammates: JediR TGC United

Team Corporal Levi
Captain: Corporal Levi
Teammates: Ninjadog13 Gareth Adamson

Washed ORAS Players
Captain: Whaleeeee
Teammates: dom PenguinKnees

Tours Plaza Goons
Captain: RaJ.Shoot
Teammates: Plimsoll Punks Velvet Blood

Team Gorillas
Captain: Kaif
Teammates: ryyjyywyy Poison Adhesive

Randbats Squad
Captain: sagar0027
Teammates: Roginald martha

Ghost 'n Roast
Captain: Wrath of Alakazam
Teammates: PartChandelure Scary Midget

Die Bosse
Captain: DEG
Teammates: Inkreativ sandcastless
Captain: Boat (phiwings99)
Teammates: Yami I'm actually Cash

The Green Party
Captain: Lkjchjdhbjidcgjhd
Teammates: plant based THIS MACHINE

$wag on em
Captain: Haki
Teammates: Joker 1v1 AllFourtyOne

The Circus
Captain: SolarflareRo
Teammates: GeneralGunderson 187 Fan

Can't wait for lost heros to come up with a team name for us
Captain: UnleashOurPassion
Teammates: Vulcaron

On construit les murs de votre maison
Captain: LaBalladeDesCieux
Teammates: Winkata Pyroshi02

Pasta Pizza Gang
Captain: stableprince569
Teammates: AltCauseImInsecure Close

Oh an ordinary 1v1 tour
Captain: Mammaluu
Teammates: MGenius Klosterneuburg

Good Night
Captain: Dragonmirror
Teammates: Maki's Fox Cheese5555

Free Agents
Captain: Chrispy Burns
Teammates: Perish Song The Thunderbirds

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