Tournament 1v1 Ladder Tournament IV - Cycle 4 [#230]

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Welcome to the fourth 1v1 Ladder Tournament! The rules are simple, you have to ladder and qualify to enter the playoffs which is a 16-man seeded Bo5 double elimination tournament that will crown a winner!


1. The qualifications period of the 1v1 Ladder Tournament will run for 28 days. At the end of each cycle, the top 4 accounts that appear on the ladder will qualify (Using ELO).

2. In order to sign up, follow the Sign-Up format below and register your account on PS!

3. YOU MUST SIGN UP WITH YOUR FRESHLY MADE ALT BEFORE STARTING BATTLES WITH IT. Your alt must be registered on the day of sign-ups or onwards to prevent people from registering an account beforehand and laddering with it to gain and unfair advantage. It's very easy to check when an account was registered and we will be checking to make sure people comply. You will be allowed to include 2 to 3 alts in your sign-up for each cycle. You will not be allowed to edit these alts after you include them in your initial sign-up for any given cycle. By the way, make sure to register your LT alt on Pokemon Showdown!. We've had to deal with people who got their account registered by someone else because they were unprotected. It is advised that once you sign up here, you immediately register the accounts on PS afterwards.

4. Once you make the top 4 and qualify (this does not mean making the top 4 at any given point during the cycle, it means being in the top 4 at the end of the cycle), you’re qualified for playoffs. You are free to ladder any other week you wish.

5. Any person found cheating the ladder will be subject to punishments. This includes the likes of boosting, begging for forfeits, sharing accounts, etc.


Once the qualifications period is over, the seed you qualify in will decide your spot in the playoffs round. The first seed will battle the sixteenth, second will battle the fifteenth, etc. Your seed will be decided after the qualification period and will be decided by ELO; that means if you have the highest ELO at the end of the qualifications period you will be Seed #1 and etc. If you already qualified, you can ladder every week to have a better ELO than the one you had when you first qualified.


Forum name: Rosa

Cycle 1 Alts: 1v1LT61HU Rosa, 1v1LT61HU Osra, 1v1LT61HU Rosalyn

Do my alts for Cycle 1 contain my forum name or a very similar variation/abbreviation of it as required by the rules?: Yes!

Deadline: May 10th 12:00 AM GMT-4
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