Tournament 1v1 Old Gens Premier League I - Player Signups

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Welcome to the 1st iteration of the 1v1 Old Gens Premier League! If you wish to play, you must sign up in this thread.

The metagames that have been selected for this year's 1v1 Old Gens Premier League are:
  • SS 1v1 Bo7
  • SS 1v1
  • SM 1v1 Bo7
  • SM 1v1
  • ORAS 1v1
  • BW 1v1
  • DPP 1v1
  • ADV 1v1
All games are a best of 5 unless stated otherwise.

What is 1v1 OGPL?
It is an old gens team tour where 6 teams will compete head-to-head against each other after drafting a team using a given salary. Players will play against one another in specific formats, earning wins for their team. Whichever team wins more in a week wins the week. Top 3 teams get into playoffs where the first seed will go straight to the finals, and #2 will face #3 in semis. If you would like to enter the player pool that is to be drafted from 1v1 OGPL I, you must signup here using the following format:

Player Name:
Tiers Played:
Any Foreseeable Inactivity:
Reminder that any selected manager also needs to make a player signup post if they intend to play in the tournament, as well.

:rhydon: RPS Rhydons managed by Elo Bandit and Lumii
:swalot: Suave Swalots managed by Urfgurgle and Jabiru
:manaphy: My Beautiful Dark Twisted Manaphy managed by Mubs and Waylaid
:garchomp: Gigachad Garchomps managed by Jamez and Nick
:snorlax: Sootopolis City Snorlaxes managed by Kaif and DezShizzels
:wooloo: Wooloo Warriors managed by Joker 1v1 and frostyicelad
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Player Name: Scholar
Tiers Played: All
Timezone: gmt-5
Any Foreseeable Inactivity: progging new ultimate in final fantasy 14, should be able to get my games done. I rather be dmed if I'm being picked up as a starter to show my availability but it's whatever.
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