Tournament 1v1 Old Gens Premier League I - Player Signups

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Whether to uturn or eq the heatran?
Player Name: Eeveekid10
Tiers Played: SS, ADV, others with team support
Timezone: GMT+1
Any Foreseeable Inactivity: None, may get scheduling troubles against people from asia but not sleeping until 5 am solves the problems.

I went to RoA ADV finals(and won luckily) and SS Major Playoffs, currently playing the top cut of throwback swiss.


ADV 1v1 Pioneer
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Player Name: LRXC
Tiers Played: I will sub for a team, do not try and start me
Timezone: GMT-6
Any Foreseeable Inactivity: College and other ADV interests

Again to be clear I don't want to start ADV or anything in specific for now, I will be functioning as bench dont spend big. unless you want to spend on my wildcard that is discord activity.

sorry yall college and other ADV endeavors is taking up a lot of my time soon, as well as a side job cuz I need $
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