Tournament 1v1 PL VIII - Player Signups [Custom Avatar Prize]

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PS! Username: kenn
Timezone: GMT -5
Tiers played (Not Binding): SV
Tiers not played (Binding): BW, ORAS, SS (I do wanna help build/learn SM)
Significant time missed: Work + being a father so schedule is limited but would love to help with builds
PS! Username:
MattC (Banned)
Timezone: GMT -4
Tiers Played: SS and SV 1v1, Monopoke
Significant Time Missed: For exactly this Monday-Friday, I have 3:00 PM - 8:45 PM (my time). Saturday and beyond is 8:00 AM - 8:45 PM (again, my time).

So it was confirmed by Heika that there's monopoke. Nice. Do note however that I uuh... I am only really in this FOR THIS SLOT. I have played SS and SV 1v1, but not enough of it for me to be in either slot (I will in fact sell the clip). Seems as though Full of Sheet wants me with their squad... They're holding me captive HELP ME
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