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Project 1v1 Player of the Month (September)

permission from Quote

Favorite Pokemon: Porygon2
Most Used Pokemon: Magnezone
Most Known For: p2p2p2p2p2p2

ayedan: Hey pqs, how are you today?
pqs: I'm doing pretty well, hbu?
ayedan: I'm doing great! Thanks for asking.

ayedan: How do you feel about 1v1 as of right now?
pqs: Different to what others think, I like the current state in 1v1. There's a lot of innovation happening every day in 1v1 though the stigma may be "slap on a z move", I know there's a lot more than just that. There were some sets that I made in 1v1 WC that were really cool but I chickened out of using them sadly.

ayedan: alright, speaking of WC, your record was 4-1, how was it teaming with US East this past year and how did you do so well?
pqs: I think it was great seeing some new players on east and some old ones, this team was great overall and everyone contributed to helping make finals, and for that I'm grateful for. My 4-1 record was great and I think it was mainly from how much I prepped. I'd gotten up way early some days just to finish some teams and the end result paid off.

ayedan: Alright, Pokemon aside, what are some hobbies of yours in the real world?
pqs: I'm in to soccer and other sports, and in my free time I sometimes animate, thought I've just started learning how to about a week ago.

ayedan: With Generation 8 fastly approaching, do you plan on playing 1v1 throughout gen 8?
pqs: I'm definitely going to stay for gen 8 but I may not play it as frequently as USUM 1v1 depending on what I think of the new meta.

ayedan: alright cool, what is your favorite 1v1 generation so far and why?
pqs: Probably gonna be USUM 1v1, I'm not as experienced in other gens so far and USUM is the one I'm most experienced in, though I've been trying to branch out into ORAS 1v1 and BW.

ayedan: Last question, can you share one of your favorite 1v1 teams (any generation) and give a brief description on the team?
pqs: 193097193098193099
This was one of my favorite teams from 1v1 WC, marowak-alola is great due to it beating up zeraora and slowbro-mega, two of some of the most used pokemon these days - Lele lures in Greninja and Ferrothorn since most expect a Psychium Z set, and heatran is a cool Metal Sound set which still is able to beat both Charizards and counter teams most Porygon-Z.

ayedan: cool team and thanks for the interview pqs! Glad to have interviewed you :)
pqs: I'm honored to be the first interviewed for this series, thanks!

If you guys have any extra questions for pqs, feel free to drop them in this thread! Also, if there is anyone you would like in particular to be interviewed for next month, feel free to shoot me a PM. Thanks guys!
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