Tournament 1v1 Premier League IV - Player Signups

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Player Name: DMPancake
Tiers Played: Sw/Sh & S/M (if i'm given a set, i could play other tiers, I just don't know how to because I wasn't there for those tiers)
Timezone: GMT-5 (Eastern Standard Time)
Any Foreseeable Inactivity: sleep, but i'm willing to play during the middle of a college lecture
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Player Name: PartMan
Tiers Played: SM, 1v1TC
Timezone: GMT+5:30 (IST)
Forseeable Inactivity: Basketball pratice, worshipping Snom, or maybe the odd test.

Why would I be a good pick?
a) I have a lot of SM teams.
b) I have a lot of Snom pictures.
c) I can send a lot of UwUs.
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