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1v1 Sample Teams

:Archaludon::Iron Crown::Corviknight: Triple Steel by fruan
:gouging fire::serperior::archaludon: Wings of Dragons II by armaldlothearmaldo
:Landorus-Therian::Hoopa-Unbound::Ogerpon-Hearthflame: Team-Multiname by Zxcsq5
:metagross::walking wake::gouging fire: DDoS by CCAT s/o kenn
:suicune::Fezandipiti::spectrier: Acid Rain by bo_bobson27
:regidrago::ogerpon-hearthflame::iron crown: Untitled 902 by DEG
:volcanion::iron valiant::iron crown: Untitled 919 by DEG
:skeledirge::meowscarada::donphan: Africa by bo_bobson27

Voting is done by the VR Council here
Pokemon we would like samples of:
Due to concerns of bias last generation, we are going to be trying a new Google Form method of submitting sample teams to keep teams as anonymous as possible.
How to submit sample teams [PLEASE READ]:
  • Put all your teams in one submission. You can always go back and edit your submission.
  • LEAVE THE "AUTHOR" PART OF THE POKEPASTE BLANK. Your sample won't be rejected but I will have to remove the author anyway.​
  • Include a description. 1v1 sets are not always intuitive so including a description makes them easier for people to use. Bonus points for including your description in the pokepaste notes.​
Example Team: (yes, I know this team is bad)
Skeledirge is a really solid mon right now. This set bulks a Sylveon Hyper Beam while at -2 spdef and a Band Haxorus Earthquake allowing it to get a Yawn off and 2ko. Blaze is for the power boost to synergize with Petaya. The Azumarill bulks a Banded Headlong Rush from Great Tusk and is really useful for Chi-Yu Ting-Lu. Superpower is pretty solid right now with all the dark types running around. The Meowscarada is Jolly to outspeed Roaring Moon and the defense helps it live a Scarf Garchomp Outrage. Some mons this team struggles with are Annihilape and Sylveon if they're lucky.
  • Your names and teams will still be public when samples are announced so don't worry about not getting credit.​
  • This thread will remain locked and only used for updates for the time being. If you want to discuss samples I recommend the 1v1 Discord or the 1v1 room on PS
  • If you have any questions about any of this, feel free to reach out to me and I will gladly answer.​

Current Submissions
:hoopa-unbound::gouging fire::iron valiant: Untitled
:pecharunt::ogerpon-hearthflame::corviknight: Untitled
:gouging fire::archaludon::primarina: Untitled
:raging bolt::iron valiant::skeledirge: Untitled
:Archaludon::Volcarona::Meowscarada: N/A
:clodsire::gouging fire::corviknight: N/A
:ogerpon-hearthflame::primarina::iron boulder: N/A
:iron crown::primarina::regidrago: Never Ending Success
:Archaludon::gouging fire::regidrago: Tri-Draco Terrors
:urshifu-rapid-strike::landorus-therian::archaludon: arena of death
:hoopa-unbound::ursaluna::archaludon: Team KO
:ursaluna-bloodmoon::iron hands::haxorus: Double Bulk & Speed III
:urshifu::dragapult::primarina: Offense urshifou team
:Volcanion::Whimsicott::Archaludon: Dragon-Fire-Fairy-Water-Steel-Grass by fruan
:gouging fire::serperior::archaludon: Wings of Dragons by armaldlothearmaldo
:Iron Valiant::Spectrier::Goodra-Hisui: Moonlit Palace by fruan
:chien-pao::Iron Valiant::Zapdos: Arctic Wings by Lucario
:Regidrago::Iron Moth::Azumarill: Kelp Forest by fruan

:Zapdos::Iron Valiant::Chien-Pao: zapdos valiant pao by Justdelemon
:Landorus-Therian::Goodra-Hisui::Meowscarada: Savannah at Dusk
:great tusk::volcanion::diancie: Last Words Of A Shooting Star
:slaking::gardevoir::zapdos: slak attak
:Iron Valiant::Tyranitar::Torkoal: Mounts's Paradise by fruan
:walking wake::sylveon::corviknight: Clear Skies by fruan
:iron moth::azumarill::iron hands: The bob team by Blaze_of_Fire (bob3701) (edited by bo_bobson27)
:espathra::Iron jugulis::Iron hands: housing crisis by fruan
:iron treads::iron bundle::bellibolt: belligoat + support by fruan
:talonflame::great tusk::greninja: Me Click Good by CashKP (updated by bo_bobson27) (Gren banned)
:Skeledirge::Farigiraf::Iron Bundle: palindrome syndrome by Justdelemon and bored_glitch (updated by bo_bobson27)
:annihilape::iron jugulis::dragalge: Reanimated Rivals by fruan (edited by bo_bobson27)
:magnezone::iron valiant::garchomp: Zone Valiant Chomp by fruan

:Iron Hands: :Talonflame: :Greninja: Iron Hands Talonflame Greninja by smely socks
:Kingambit: :Salamence: :Sylveon: Kingambit Salamence Sylveon by fruan
:Magnezone::garchomp::sylveon: DragMag in Gen 9 (1v1) by TheTT6
:greninja::iron valiant::magnezone: Scarf Greninja + Trash Magnezone by Tom1535
:skeledirge::arcanine::rotom-wash: Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Copy of Untitled 1680 by Justdelemon
:dondozo::goodra::scizor: Scizor fat offense by swag god
:meowscarada::avalugg::goodra: Meowscarada fat offense by swag god
:meowscarada::skeledirge::avalugg: Icy Crocs by SwordIsBored
:corviknight::sylveon::dondozo: 2 Choices and a Bird
:Annihilape::Donphan::Iron Valiant: - Ape Phan Valiant
:Donphan::Magnezone::Iron Valiant: - Phan Zone Valiant
:Iron Moth::Azumarill::Iron Hands: - Moth Azu Hands
:corviknight::dragapult::espathra: - gamer fuel

:azumarill::bellibolt::corviknight: - ABCs
:sylveon::bellibolt::dondozo:- Beauty and the Belly
:iron moth::azumarill::iron hands: - FWE Three

:Volcarona::Dondozo::Meowscarada: - FWG (Dondozo for S)
:sylveon::great tusk::iron hands: - 1v1 Reserves
:iron leaves::skeledirge::great tusk: - Dual Walls & Tusk
:sylveon::dondozo::skeledirge: - Sluggish Offense
:bellibolt::roaring moon::skeledirge: - I believe in love
:Magnezone::annihilape::tauros-paldea-blaze: - MAT core
:scizor::walking wake::kingambit: - 4x Weakness 3x Attack
:volcarona::iron jugulis::iron bundle: - Lonely night in the rain
:volcarona::salamence::iron bundle: - Lovely night in the rain
:azumarill::great tusk::rotom-wash: - double water + a a mammoth
:annihilape::iron valiant::farigiraf: - annih WP + valiant mixed + a giraf?
:volcarona::iron hands::ting-lu: - pyrax ballon + hand + ting lu WP
:walking wake::gardevoir::iron leaves: - vocaloid gaming
:espathra::great tusk::kingambit: - Gathering at Dusk
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Submissions for the 1st round of samples will close February 1st at 11:59 PM GMT-5! Keep in mind that Greninja will be released the weekend before that so it would be wise to build teams with it in mind. Thanks to everyone who have submitted so far and don't forget to edit if you need to change anything.


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Submissions are now closed! Thank you to every who has submitted and for testing out the new system. The VR council will be going through and ranking teams just like last generation, and in the meantime feel free to vote in the poll on whether you prefer the new form method or the old thread posts method of submitting samples because we're open to changing back if that's what people prefer.


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Samples are now open again! Due to the many meta changes we had to do some extra collecting and some edits but they're finally done and already outdated because new mons lol but here you go! Thank you to everyone who submitted and helped collect teams. We'll also be trying to update these on a more regular basis until the meta calms down to try and keep up as much as possible.

Also for those of you who haven't noticed we added a sample wishlist of mons we would like to see submitted to increase representation and versatility among our samples. I'll be updating it as we go but for now it is:
Mons we would like samples of:
:Meowscarada: Meowscarada
:sableye: Sableye
:skeledirge: Skeledirge
:annihilape: Annihilape
:great tusk: Great Tusk
:volcarona: Volcarona
:dragapult: Dragapult
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