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I warmly welcome you to 1v1's annual Secret Santa! It's that time of year again where we celebrate the festive season and what better way to do that than to give and receive gifts!

As most of you probably know, Secret Santa is an event in which the members of a community anonymously exchange gifts between themselves. in our case, all the gifts are all replaced with Pokemon teams, think of it as a Teambuilding Workshop only everyone asks for and contributes teams, and it's all anonymous (until the very end). If you'd like to join in on the fun, make sure to post in on the thread and include the Pokemon you would a team built around. Sending in a request also means that you'll be building around someone else's core as well, so please don't sign up if you're not going to actually be able to finish the team!

After the sign-up deadline, each person will receive someone else's request via a Smogon or Discord PM, to keep everything anonymous.
Go wild, but be aware that the team is for another person - explain what sets do, especially if you have custom EV spreads or uncommon moves.
Keep who you got / what you are building around secret, so you don't spoil the surprise!
To sign up, say post "in" and request a 1v1-eligible Pokémon (eg. in, Iron Bundle) before 19:00 pm on Saturday, December 10th UTC+0.
Everyone will be expected to build a team before Christmas (Sunday, December 25th at 11am UTC+0), and drop it here in the thread.

General Rules: :delibird:

Requests are subject to host discretion - please request a viable (or viable-ish) Pokémon. Keep in mind a more viable request will most likely result in a more viable team and a more enjoyable experience for your Secret Santa. All teams must be for current-meta SV 1v1.

namepokemonpresent status
frogfactssoundproof Abomasnowreceived
Stableprincelife orb Gholdengoreceived
Heracross 2.0Heracrossreceived
XanderUrBoichoice band Forretressreceived
Marshmeltoeviolite Ursarangreceived
Rosasharpness Galladereceived
crucifyIron thornsreceived
TorterraxxIron mothreceived
DezGreat Tuskreceived
Opchurtle100Stantler / Gyaradosreceived
Xstatic ColdPachirisu / Honchcrowreceived
Arvinraj K III CChi yureceived
LeruGreat tuskreceived
HereComesTeamCharm!Ting lureceived
bored_glitchchoice specs Magnezonereceived
Chrispy BurnsToedscruelreceived
lemonstre1Slither Wingreceived
swag godVivilionreceived
Mithrandir007sharpness Galladereceived
realaccountami?sub disbale curse pforce Dragapultreceived
PiceIron Treadsreceived
TheSerotoninVibesIron Handsreceived
Joker 1v1Tsareenareceived


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2022 secret santa team compendium


Heracross!!! by SwordIsBored :heracross::sylveon::donphan:
epic gyra team by Justdelemon :gyarados::gholdengo::talonflame:
stantler ape poreon by Justdelemon :stantler::annihilape::vaporeon:
I am sorry LaViejaRaulito by CharaPresscott :umbreon::Ceruledge::ditto:
с рождеством by 1 EAST :Ceruledge::Maushold::Sylveon:
espatriots by fruan :magnezone::espathra::great tusk:
meow FWG by Here Comes Team Charm! :meowscarada::skeledirge::dondozo:
chi-yu my beloved by Pice :chi-yu: :azumarill: :rotom-mow:
doc secret santa by bored_glitch :breloom::camerupt::Iron Valiant:
woodgang by LaViejaRaulito :sudowoodo::Dondozo::Flutter Mane:
merry christmas litteleven! by TrainerPla :scovillain::sylveon::iron bundle:
Lemonstre Secret Santa by Murman :slither wing::espathra::ting-lu:
Funny elephant haha by doc1203 :great tusk::skeledirge::flutter mane:
for crucify by mrextrazy :Iron Thorns::Iron Bundle::Great Tusk:
slaking (will never be clicked ever) by deddd :slaking::dondozo::skeledirge:
vapo team by CashKP :vaporeon::donphan::talonflame:
cock and balls 2 by Opchurtle100 :hariyama::ting-lu::gengar:
dud gastro dirge by Justdelemon :dudunsparce::gastrodon::skeledirge:
secret santa team by Vrji :Dragapult::Magnezone::Iron Valiant:
Hotshot Honchcrow by TheShadowClaw :rotom-wash::honchkrow::sylveon:
wide tauros by Marshme1to :Tauros-paldea-water::Donphan::Gholdengo:
vivillon secret santa by ThatOneSpork :goodra::dondozo::vivillon:
murmerry christmas 1 by Itchy :azumarill::chi-yu::garganacl:
murmerry christmas 2 by Itchy :azumarill::dragapult::garganacl:
Ting-Lu secret santa by Heracross2.0 :ting-lu::iron treads::chi-yu:
ape goodra corv by lavarina :annihilape::goodra::corviknight:
secret santa team by Bernian :florges::chi-yu::gallade:
1v1 toedscruel by lemonstre1 :toedscruel::gholdengo::chi-yu:
gallade gang by LittEleven :gallade::ting-lu::corviknight:
secret santa-ursaring by Mithrandir007 :ursaring::gholdengo::talonflame:
secret santa heyman skeledirge by swag god :skeledirge::azumarill::amoonguss:
quaquaval 1by LRXC :quaquaval::bisharp::espathra:
quaquaval 2 by LRXC :quaquaval::roaring-moon::gholdengo:
for fraun :) by realaccountami? :azumarill::great tusk::gholdengo:
choiceband forretress by Chrispy Burns :forretress::great tusk::flutter mane:
skeledirge 1 by Pokemh :skeledirge::brute bonnet::flutter mane:
skeledirge 2 by Pokemh :skeledirge::brute bonnet::azumarill:
quirky team :tm: by fruan :tinkaton::donphan::iron jugulis:
secret santa team by Akeras :arboliva::azumarill::chi-yu:
stable secret santa by Leru :gholdengo::azumarill::great tusk:
croc elephant lobster by Rosa :skeledirge::donphan::clawitzer:
rosa av gallade by torterraxx :gallade::flutter mane::corviknight:
iron treads... by XanderUrBoi :iron treads::pelipper::gholdengo:
VOLC BABY by frogfacts :volcarona::magnezone::azumarill:
obama dance by Adam3560 :abomasnow::dondozo::flutter mane:
ttar mane iron moth by Sanshokuinsumireko :tyranitar::flutter mane::iron moth:
grafaia chi yu meows by crucify :grafaiai::chi-yu::meowscarada:
bellibolt by fruan :bellibolt::brambleghast::talonflame:
Great Tusk by DannyDoritos :great tusk::gholdengo::haxorus:
Epic te am by nolenot :goodra::scizor::slaking:
Merry Christmas LRXC by bo_bobson27 :bombirdier::sylveon::chi-yu:
pawmot secret santa by Miyoko :Pawmot::Chi-Yu::iron valiant:
Guess who's Bax, Bax again? by Opchurtle100 :baxcalibur::flutter-mane::Leafeon:
Merry Christmas!!! by DripLegend :dondozo::tauros-paldea-fire::meowscarada:
Tsareena gaming by isatrapp :tsareena::sandy shocks::iron jugulis:
Double Clear Amulet by Opchurtle100 :iron hands::garchomp::gholdengo:
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